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We come from...We return to.


We walk with friends

along the way.

There's so much goodness to be found,

if only we take courage to look. 

We have traveled from place to place. New friends have joined us along the way. Their hospitality has warmed us. Their stories have comforted us. Their prayers have buoyed us. These friends have seen us for who we are created to be, without concerning themselves over whether we have deserved it.

Our time together has often been short. We may not run across one another's paths again. But no matter. We have also never really gone our separate ways. The beauty of their character has been burnished into our hearts. 



--may we be learning to show the same hospitality, to provide the same comfort --

--may our prayers buoy you whenever we meet and wherever we go--


--when you look into our eyes,  may you see the same compassion, acceptance, and love

through which God sees you.--

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