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The Manners of Friendship

The Manners of Friendship

The well-placed rose.

Sometimes the heart commands the feet. Sometimes the feet lead the heart. Here, a confession is sadly necessary. When these feet met this path--and even after a bit of walking down it--the heart remained slow to join. There were so many internal prejudices and biases, so many misconceptions. 

Love has a funny way of exposing us, albeit tenderly.


We see the care with which our friend places a rose just so. We see the care with which our friend prepares a cup of coffee. We see the care with which our friend anticipates our needs, sometimes before we know we are needy.  We experience the very breath of heaven through our friend when we pray. Whether in times of jubilation or sadness, comedy or reverence, affirmation or correction, we feel nurtured, and we feel the desire to nurture. One can dispute theology until the end of time, but one cannot dispute this. Of the this, we are certain.

We ask, "What is this, friend?"

And the answer is always the same, over and over...

"This, dear one, is the way of Muhammad (ﷺ)."

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